Kenner Cemetery

The Park is also home to the Kenner Cemetery. It is located near the Visitors Center. 

The improvement of this cemetery is high on the Friends Group to do list. The stones will be reset, cleaned, transcribed and photographed. Histories will be gathered. The grounds will be regraded and the site will be beautified. We will also be seeking support to erect a informational sign telling the story of this cemetery, its residents and how it ties into the Park.

Buried at the site are:

 Andrew Jackson Kenner

Andrew Jackson Kenner

A man of sublime purposes and noble instincts.
He led a life illuminated by truth and love.
As a father he was entirely devoted and his
keenest regret at death was loving his children.
 Martha Avant Kenner

Martha <i>Avent</i> Kenner

Leading a life devoted to the
exercise of the Christian virtues. 
In death she beheld the inviting
portals of heaven and was happy.
 F.B. Kenner

F.i. Kenner

 J.C. Sims

 Jeff Davis Carpenter

Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest
God called the (unreadable) where He thought best.

 Wife of R. L. Carpenter

As a Wife devoted
As a Mother affectionate
As a friend ever kind and true
In life she exhibited all the graces of a Christian
In death her redeemed spirit (broken) to God who gave it.