What and Who are the Friends of the Jefferson Davis State Historic Site?
Established in 2012, the Friends of the Jefferson Davis State Historic Site is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that strives to serve as an advocate for the Jefferson Davis State Historic Site, helping to preserve, promote and enhance its resources for the benefit of the public. 

As Friends of the Park we hold these ideals dear:
  • A deep respect for our shared past. 
  • We honor America's history and support preserving hallowed ground and irreplaceable cultural resources.
  • We are dedicated to ongoing financial support for Park needs. 
  • We commit ourselves to fiscal sustainability, excellent stewardship of contributed funds, and sound relationships with partners who can help us achieve our mission.
  • We are partners with the Park in serving the public. 
  • We strive to engage the entire community in our efforts to promote public understanding of the Park and appreciation of its significance. 
  • We strive for excellence and relevance in educational outreach and visitor experiences.
To attain these ideals, we will under take projects and efforts to increase the public awareness of this Jewel of a Park. 

We also look to recruit additional members to the Friends group to grow the pool of experiences, knowledge and energy of an ever expanding group. By engaging more and more individuals, we can pool our talents and increase the combined ability of the group to impact the park and our region.

The Friends meet once a month on the Second Thursday night, 6:30 PM at the Park Visitors Center. Our meetings are open to all who share a desire to better the group and there by better the Park. 

The main requirement for membership is a desire to be a part of the group to your comfort level and the willingness to commit to paying the $10 per person per calendar year dues. Of course we hope that you will join with us and be at each and every event and meeting, but we understand life does get in the way at times. 

In return for joining with the Friends, members in good standing will receive:
  • 10% off in the Museum Gift Shop

  • No registration fee for the Birthday Weekend Event

  • Free admission to Museum

  • Free admission to the Monument

  • Free shelter use during Off-Peak periods and if not already reserved.

 2012 - 2014 Officers

President Robert Ward

Vice-President: Edward Georgen
Secretary: Linda Fritz
Treasurer: Larry Walston
 2014-2016 Officers

President: Edward Georgen
Vice-President: Robert Ward
Secretary: Tammie Georgen
Treasurer: Larry Walston
 2017-2019 Officers
President:  Michael Crumley
Vice-President:  Marquita Cassetty
Secretary: Maggie Gammon
Treasurer:  Donna Grant

Photo courtesy of Fuller Perspective Photography